CS 2 Cotton Inserter


The CS2 is used with natural cotton and rayon supplied as continuous coil. It separates the coil into a plug by pulling the cotton coil apart between two pairs of servo motor driven pinch rollers- no sharp cutting blades. The plug is formed into an inverted -U- shape and inserted into a bottle by an air cylinder.

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    • Fully Automatic Length Adjustment
    • Motorized Height Adjustment
    • Insert up to 9 Pieces per Container
    • Handle Containers as High as 10 Inches
    • Automatic or Manual Operation
  • Production:Up to 90 Inserts/min. (Short Turret) Up to 80 Inserts/min. (Long Turret)


    Air Requirement: 1.0 cfm @ 80 psi

    Power: 115 VAC 15A 60 HZ


    Weight: 450 lbs

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