The TPM 300 high efficiency grinding machine can mill up to 300 kg of material per hour. Internal blades spin at a rate of 3800 rpm. The material passes through four cutting chambers before it is forced through a fully perforated screen. Stainless steel construction makes cleaning the TPM 300 quick and easy.

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    • 360 degree perforation
    • Stainless steel construction
    • 1 year warranty
    • Multiple Cutting Champers
    • Easy Operation
  • Production: 100-300 kg per hour

    Range: 50-100 mesh

    Air Requirement: NA

    Power: 3 Phase 220V, 30 Amps (50 amp breaker)

    Dimensions:L43" x W24" x H59"

    Weight: 663 lbs. (300 kgs)

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